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  • 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005

    Mission: To provide conflict resolution and community-building services to create safer, more peaceful, and inclusive communities.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Dialogue Program/RJ Training

    Contact: E-mail us here.  Voicemail: 503-526-2523

  • 93 Van Buren Street, Eugene, OR 97402

    Vision: To be the recognized resource and leader in Lane County for transforming conflict and facilitating positive dialogue to build safe and peaceful communities.

    Mission: To provide:

    • Resolution Services that address disputes, crimes and community conflicts through mediation and group facilitation, using the best communication skills and dialogue models available
    • Education services that build communication and resolution resources in the community through trainings, workshops and presentations.
    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Conferencing, Restorative Circles, Victim-Offender Dialogue/Meeting, Restorative Community Service, Restorative Community Panels/Courts/Boards, Restorative Practices in Schools, Offender Dialogue and Skills Groups, Restorative Coaching, Restorative Victim Services, Victim Panels, Restorative Restitution Payback Programs, Restorative Practices in the Workplace, Criminal Justice or Corrections Systems Change, Restorative Justice Systems and Program Consultation

    Contact: Phone: 541-344-5366
  • PO Box 14925, Portland, OR 97293

    Mission: CTSS reduces the suffering from violence and trauma and promotes healing in our communities.

    Vision:  CTSS envisions community responses at the time of harm that address victim and survivor needs for safety, accountability and well-being.  

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Victim-Offender Dialogue/Meeting, Restorative Coaching, Restorative Victim Services, Victim Panels, Criminal Justice or Corrections Systems Change

    Contact: Email us here.  Phone: 971-220-2877

  • 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City, OR 97045

    Mission: The Mission of Clackamas County Resolution Services is to provide conflict resolution services to people and organizations experiencing conflict and those seeking resources so they can resolve their differences peacefully, develop skills for the resolution of future conflicts and build safe, healthy relationships and communities.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Justice Circles, Restorative Dialogue

    Contact: E-mail us here.  Phone: 503-655-8415

  • 320 SE Fir Villa Rd., Dallas, OR 97338

    Mission: The mission of Community Mediation Services (CMS) for Polk County is to provide opportunities for repairing harm and restoring relationships broken by conflict. Providing the opportunities for reconciliation is our primary mission. In layman’s terms we want to “help people make things right.” Our secondary mission is to furnish the communities of Polk County with educational resources and training so that we may not only deal with the aftermath of conflict but also give individuals tools to deal with conflict before it results in harm and damaged relationships.

    Vision: Community Mediation Services for Polk County leads in the development and expansion of restorative principles and practices for positive change in the communities throughout Polk County.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Family Conferencing, Victim-Offender Dialogue, Anti-Bullying Education

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 503-623-3111

  • 250 SE 10th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97123

    Mission: To promote a more peaceful community through the use of conflict management skills, mediation services, conflict coaching, and community education and outreach to enhance the quality of lifein Hillsboro and Western Washington County.  

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Currently exploring options for implementation.

    Contact: E-mail us here.  Phone: 503-615-6651

  • 3200 SE 172nd Avenue, Suite 166, #719, Happy Valley, OR 97086

    Mission: Just Outcomes supports communities and organizations in reimagining just responses to harm and its causes.

    Vision: Through our work, we pursue a vision of vibrant and resilient communities based on the strength of just relations.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Conferencing, Restorative Circles, Victim-Offender Dialogue/Meeting, Restorative Practices in Schools, Restorative Practices in the Workplace, Criminal Justice or Corrections Systems Change, Restorative Justice Systems and Program Consultation

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 503-922-6003

  • 1401 SE 68th Ave., Portland, OR  97213

    Mission: Our mission is to support people who have experienced harm by thoughtfully meeting their individualized needs, upholding victim rights, and enhancing our community’s response to harm. 

    Vision: Our vision is a County that is equitable, responsive, and resourced to meet the needs of those who have experienced harm while creating meaningful options to repair harm.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Department-wide restorative practices pilot project, restorative dialogue, circle process

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 503-988-7606

  • 1401 NE 68th Ave., Portland, OR 97213

    Mission: Community safety through positive change.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Circles, Restorative Dialogue/Meeting, Support Restorative Practices in Schools, Youth and Family Conflict Resolution, Restitution Payback Programs, Restorative Justice Garden Program

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 503-988-4242

  • 347 Union St. NE, Salem, OR 97301 & 308 Broadalbin St. SW, Albany, OR 97321

    Mission: Neighbor-to-Neighbor is dedicated to providing peaceful solutions to conflict through mediation, facilitation, education and training. Our aim is to provide families, neighborhoods, and crime victims the means to achieve peace and reconciliation.

    Vision: We are committed to enhancing our local community by supporting individuals and groups to peacefully resolve conflicts, achieve reconciliation, and learn appropriate dispute resolution behavior.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Juvenile Victim-Offender Mediation; Juvenile Life Choices Class

    Contact Marion County: E-mail us here. Phone: 503-585-0651

    Contact Benton/Linn Counties: E-mail us here. Phone: 541-585-0651

  • 2575 Center Street, Salem, OR

    Mission: The mission of the Oregon Department of Corrections is to promote public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior. 

    Vision: Valuing Employee Wellness; Engaging Employees; Operating Safe Facilities; Implementing Innovative Business Practices; Preparing Offenders for Reentry; Partnering with Our Stakeholders

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Circles, Victim-Offender Dialogue/Meeting, Offender Dialogue and Skills Groups, Criminal Justice or Corrections Systems Change

    Contact: E-mail us here.  Phone: 503-945-9023

  • 1001 South Molalla Ave. Suite 209, Oregon City Oregon, 97045

    Mission: Our mission is to help our participants identify strengths and develop skills that build stronger families and safer communities. We build effective partnerships to align services, maximize resources and provide an equitable and inclusive continuum of care for our participants.

    Vision: One of the most important things we have learned over the last 50 years is that it is not just the child or individual family member in crisis who needs support and care. It is the entire family. That’s why our programs are built to support the whole family—including parents, siblings, grandparents, or any other significant individuals involved in your family dynamic.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Circles, Restorative Community Panels/Courts/Boards

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 503-722-4110

  • Mission: Partnership for Safety and Justice has developed an innovative and provocative model for criminal justice reform, one that engages survivors of crime, people convicted of crime, and the families of both.  Together, we advance policy solutions that are shrinking the prison system, investing in programs that prevent crime, and promoting healing for people harmed by crime and violence.  

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Criminal Justice or Corrections Systems Change Agency

    Contact: E-mail us here.  Phone: 503-335-8449

  • 921 East Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

    Vision: Addressing emotional trauma and addiction; providing a stable support system and living situation; and offering guidance in creating pathways for long-term sobriety and health based on intrinsic worth.transform conflict through communication.

    Mission: To thrive, it is vital to embrace humanity and create a healthy community.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: 

    • Restorative Community Service
    • Offender Dialogue and Skills Groups
    • Restorative Practices in the Workplace
    • Criminal Justice or Corrections Systems Change

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 541-797-0088

  • 1827 NE 44th Ave., Suite 230, Portland, OR

    Mission: Resolutions Northwest facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice.  We envision inclusive and just communities which people connect across differences and equitably share opportunities to thrive.  

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Conferencing, Restorative Circles, Victim-Offender Dialogue/Meeting, Restorative Practices in Schools

    Contact: E-mail us here.  Phone: 503-595-4890

  • 1237 N Riverside Avenue, #25, Medford, OR 97501

    Mission: Resolve transforms the way the people and communities of southern Oregon manage, resolve and heal from conflict.

    Vision: A healthy, cohesive community where positive communication and conflict resolution is the norm.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Dialogues, Youth Accountability and Competency Development Classes, Victim Support Services, Restorative Practices in Schools, Restorative Justice Trainings, Victim Assistance, Youth Accountability (VAYA) Program, Theft Impact Class, Detention Center Program

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 541-770-2468

  • 5216 University of Oregon, Eugene,  OR 97403 Office: 1691 Columbia Alley

    Core Purpose: To transform conflict through communication.

    Mission: Conflict Resolution Services transforms conflict through communication. This is accomplished by providing mediation; facilitation; trainings, workshops, and presentations; coaching and consultation; restorative justice practices; and neutral observation to the campus community.

    Restorative Practices/Programs: Restorative Justice Circles, Victim-Offender Mediation, Restorative Mediation, Restorative Coaching, Reentry Circles

    Contact: E-mail us here. Phone: 541-346-0617