RJ cafe

Bring your own tea, coffee, or special drink to enjoy during this virtual meeting for restorative justice practitioners and enthusiasts to learn, exchange ideas, and deepen our practice together.  Each Cafe will focus on a specific restorative justice related topic, engage a speaker(s), and create space for discussion and co-learning.  

Anyone is welcome to join.  

Participation is free. 


    october 15, 2020        

    Please join us and other RJ practioners and enthusiasts as we learn about how facilitators are adapting restorative processes during COVID conditions.   

    Panelists include:  (presenter bios HERE

    Amy Watts-Padilla: RJ Coordinator with Beaverton Center for Dispute Resolution

    Scott Smith: RJ Program Manager at the Eugene CDR

    Morgan Moore:  RJ Coordinator at Lutheran Community Services NW

  • Presenter Sidney Morgan has been working as a Restorative Justice Practitioner for 17 years.  She has worked with Multnomah County Juvenile Justice, Portland Public Schools, and is currently engaged in her own Red Sea Road Consulting agency to support organizations in Race, Equity, and Restorative Justice work. 

    Sidney believes that this work is a marathon, not a sprint, and it will take more personal and professional efforts, to see change happen.

  • Join our panelists in a discussion of strategies for RJ implementation and success in schools during COVID.

    Panelists include:

    Raphaelle (Raphi) Miller, Director of RJ at Medford Resolve

    Char Hutson, Community Outreach Coordinator at PPS

    Darren Reiley, RJ in Schools Program Manager at Eugene CDR

    Maria Scanelli, Co-Director of Restorative Justice at Portland Resolutions Northwest

  • What kinds of resistance to RJ have you encountered?  What are your own areas of resistance, hesitations, or concerns?  How can we address resistance to RJ?


    Carley Adams, Program Manager Beaverton Center for Mediation and Dialogue  

    Lisa Fitzgerald, Program Coordinator Beaverton Center for Mediation and Dialogue