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  • Message from the RJCO President; Justice at the Capitol; Program Profile - Raising Justice; When We Tell Our Stories: Survivors of Color After Trauma; News, Events

  • Message from the RJCO President; RJ in the Time of COVID; RJCO Commitment to Racial Equity; Lessons from Youth; News/Elections

  • Message from New RJCO President; Time to Start Listening to Victims; Community Circles at Parrott Creek; Collaborative Dialogue Data Collection; News and Events

  • Run for RJCO Coordinating Committee; 10 Years of Data from Resolve; Senate Bill 1008; Reflections from 2019 NW Justice Forum; News and Events

  • RJCO Acknowledgement to Victims, Survivors and their Service Providers; Safety and Savings Legislative Update; Neuroscience and Restorative Justice; RJ in the Community; RJ in the News

  • RJCO Strategic Plan Announcement; Research Synopsis for Exploring RJ Standards in OR; One Final Reflection; News/Events

  • Coordinating Committee Elections; Restorative Justice Standards in Oregon Project; Rage to Reason - Creating a Restorative Prison Culture; Upcoming Events

  • Get Involved; Transforming Justice for Victims and Survivors; Exploring RJ and the Bible Part II; RJ Even Works with the Big Bad Wolf; RJ Moves Outside of School and Criminal Justice; Reflections on the NW Justice Forum; News and Events

  • Welcome to 2018; RJ in S. Oregon Schools; Positive Restorative Investment for Discipline Reform in Education; News/Events

  • Diversion from the Ground Up - Part II, Rogue Valley Correctional Facility Restorative Justice, University of Oregon and Center for Dialogue and Resolution, News and Events

  • Restorative Justice and the Bible: An Exploration, Oregon Country Fair: Partnership for Peace, Safety and Savings Act, Book Review, Restorative Peer Court, News and Events, Coordinating Committee Elections

  • "Diversion from the Ground Up", "Restorative Justice or Restorative Practices", Update from RJCO Education Subcommittee, NW Justice Forum Announcement, News and Events

  • "Becky's Story"; WA County VOD Program Launch; Alternatives to Incarceration; News and Events

  • Become a Member; Accountability and Justice; Day in the Life of an RJ Coordinator; Broadening the Scope of Victim-Offender Dialogue

  • The Special Membership Edition of the RJCO Quarterly outlines RJCO Membership details and how to join!  You can also learn all of this from our membership page.

  • Reflections and Opportunities for Growth; Past, Present, & Future of Justice Reinvestment; Phoenix High School Seeks Solutions, Not Punishments; Program Spotlight; Save the Date, and Upcoming Events

  • Challenges and Opportunities; Listening Project Results; The Reoccurring Conversation; Harm within Prison Walls; Upcoming Events

  • Honoring the Place and Voice of Victims/Survivors; Crime and Involuntary Relationships; Serving Victim Needs; Why did they meet their offender?; Art and Accountability; Adult RJ Newsflash; Upcoming Events

  • RJCO Progress Report; Deschutes COunty RJ Community Projects; University of Oregon RJ Survey Results; Open Letter to Portland Public Schools; Shifting Perspective from a RJ Practitioner; Upcoming Events

  • RJCO Listening Project; Circles of Support and Accountability; Thinking for a Change: Restorative Justice in Polk County; Restorative Peer Courts: Center for Dialogue and Resolution; Mediation Works: VOD Outcomes

  • RJCO Quarterly Expectations; Gender and Violence - A Restorative Approach; Facilitated Dialogue Program Overview; Future of RJ in the DOC - An Interview with Dennis Holmes; NW Justice Forum - Review; RJ in the News

  • Message from the RJCO President; RJ at Rigler Elementary; Jackson County Youth Gets Second Chance; Collaborative Program Evaluationas a Restorative Practice; RJ in the News