RJCO Vision

RJCO envisions safe, inclusive, and resilient communities that address harm by fostering personal responsibility, mutual respect, and healthy relationships.

RJCO Mission

RJCO is a coalition of Oregon restorative justice practitioners and programs. We promote and support the implementation and practice of restorative justice principles and models in Oregon’s justice, law enforcement, educational and other community institutions.

In an effort to meet the needs of individuals impacted by harm, and the wider community, we:

  • provide educational and training opportunities;
  • expand the understanding and application of restorative justice principles;
  • create partnerships, collaborations, and actively engage key stakeholders;
  • advocate for the development and expansion of restorative practices in a variety of institutional settings;
  • serve as a resource and support network for restorative justice practitioners and administrators;
  • adhere to and support restorative justice best practices; and
  • influence local and state policy around institutional responses to harms centering public safety, needs and accountability.

RJCO Coordinating Committee Commitment to Racial Equity

Given both the historical and systemic exclusion, victimization, and criminalization of BIPOC in the State of Oregon, and nationally, RJCO believes that it is imperative that we as a collective body incorporate a critical race analysis to our work. Without it we will never achieve the transformative outcomes we are looking for in our work as Restorative Justice practitioners and advocates, and furthermore will likely continue to replicate patterns of systemic harms of the past. 

For the full commitment to racial equity, click here.