Exploring Restorative justice standards

Beginning in 2018, the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon (RJCO) and Just Outcomes have partnered to engage Oregon’s restorative justice community in exploring the creation of state-wide standards for restorative justice. Over the course of the next three years, the project aims to elicit the information necessary for RJCO to produce quality standards and develop strategies for how these standards will be upheld within the restorative justice community. It is essential to this initiative that these findings represent the collective views of Oregon’s restorative justice practitioners, administrators, past participants of restorative justice processes, and impacted community members with knowledge of, or experience with restorative justice.

To assist this process, during 2018 Just Outcomes will compile a comprehensive report for the restorative justice community that outlines learning gained from the restorative justice community and from relevant literature. The process includes ten regional focus-groups, a series of local, national and international interviews, a state-wide survey, and a review of academic and grey literature pertaining to restorative justice standards. On October 25, 2018, Just Outcomes will facilitate a day-long workday with restorative justice representatives to review the current findings and set a path for moving forward in years 2 and 3 of the project. 

This may include outlining shared principles and outcomes for restorative justice in Oregon.

In 2019, Just Outcomes and RJCO will convene four regional workdays, followed by a final state-wide workday to establish mechanisms for mutual accountability within the field should standards be successfully created. On this foundation, the project will focus its final year (2020) on the substance of standards for restorative justice in Oregon.

This initiative is tied to a parallel project which facilitates dialogue between key advocates within restorative justice and victim assistance disciplines in Oregon. If you have not received a survey for this parallel directive of the project, which includes information for the October 2018 symposium, please click here for more information.

Survey Purpose

The purpose of this survey is to inform the project with data on how the issue of standards in restorative justice is viewed and approached by:

  • past restorative justice process participants;
  • restorative justice partners;
  • restorative justice practitioners and program administrators; and,
  • impacted community members with knowledge of, or experience with restorative justice.

The information gathered will help those involved in the creation and implementation of standards to align the outcomes of that work with the hopes, concerns, and vision expressed.


We value your expertise and greatly appreciate your willingness to complete the current survey. If you are interested in reading more about this project, please click here.