Run for a Seat on the

RJCO Coordinating Committee

RJCO Members are welcome to attend the quarterly Coordinating Committee meetings, and when committed to the work of the Coordinating Committee, to apply for candidacy in our annual elections for Committee Seats.  The purpose of the Coordinating Committee is to:

  1. Administer RJCO operations and logistics, including providing oversight of the Executive Committee;
  2. Coordinate and execute the strategic plan;
  3. Act as a convener and facilitator for the mobilization and engagement of Coalition Members; 
  4. Provide a unified voice at the state level that reflects the wishes of Coalition Members;
  5. Provide leadership where and when requested by Coalition Members; and, 
  6. Make decisions and take actions that reflect the wishes of Coalition Membership.

If you are interested in being a part of this diverse and dynamic team of restorative justice advocates and professionals, please read through the Mission and Values of RJCO, the Coordinating Committee Member Commitmentsthe strategic direction of the Coalitionand a brief history of COVOMP/RJCO At RJCO we believe we can meet the organization's mission only with a diverse Coordinating Committee that actively cultivates a culture of equity and inclusion. We encourage people of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities and those with experience in the justice system to apply.

If after reading these documents, you feel you can commit to the work of the RJCO Coordinating Committee, please complete the application for candidacy at any time, though elections are held annually in the last quarter with new terms beginning on the first of each year.  The current election application cycle deadline is January 15, 2021.

RJCO Quarterly subcommittee

Our newsletter is on a brief hiatus until Summer 2022!

You can be a part of recruiting, editing, designing the RJCO Quarterly - a quarterly newsletter meant to connect and inform restorative justice service providers across Oregon! Contact to get involved.